Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well its been a week almost since I've updated yall on life here in Sweden, well ill do a quick run through of events, so I start the week thinking that Bryanna is a dunzo deal and then Monday me and John end up watching knocked up at Vishnus and arrested development but then we just go home and sleep and Bryanna had dance class with alex and alex sent me the weirdest message and was just like "yea sorry I missed johns call I was in salsa class with Bryanna ha". Well anyway the next night tuesday I'm really bored and Kathy calls and asks me to come over and since I think Bryannas done anyway I go over to Kathy's and we kinda kiss a little but then I start getting texts from Bryanna "what time are you going to Kalmars", and me and John had decided to go at 1030 so I told her 1030 but then I get a call from John that Kalmars sucks and everyones going to parentesen so I text Bryanna that I'm going to Parentesen and that she should come and she tries to convince me to come to Kalmars but in the end I won out, anyway we get to Parentesen and she comes in and she has a choice sit next to Alex or me and again I won out but then she got pissed because I started telling someone my Malmo story and aparently she doesnt like that story, so she left and sat next to Alex. Later I went over to talk to her Joyce and everyone and we are all just hanging out and I see Alex getting antsy out of the corner of my eye and all of a sudden he interjects into our conversation with look at my background (Ipod) isnt it cool and we were all kind of like wtf? anyway he tries to convince Bryanna to go to Julies room and dance salsa with him but she tells him she wants to stay here and chill and then he gets pissy and says hes gonna go to sleep but he ends up coming back, it was really odd. Well anyway next day I ask Bryanna what shes doing and she says shes going to Helsingkrona, then parentesen and lastly VG's and I can join her at any point. Well I end up not going to anythign but VG's, because I saunaed for the first time and that shit wiped me out, and when I get to VG's I have to wait in the rain for an hour and all I'm wearing is a short sleeve polo. I get in and I text Bryanna who doesnt text back and then I text Kathy because shes also there and I dont want her to see me and get mad, well she comes out meets me and then she asks me for a hello kiss, its like being in a relationship again. Anyway I dance with Kathy, while dancing i get a text from Bryanna and it says that they are leaving the nation and Kathy sees Bryanna texted me and shes like WHAT DID SHE SAY, and I told her she said shes leaving and Kathy goes I know you like her and I know she likes you but anyway I have a few drinks then we head home and she bikes me home and then goes home herself. The next day I have class at 8 come home at 1030 pass out until 430 then I'm not really in the going out mood but Omeed arrives from Holland so of course I go out plus everyone I know Bryanna, John, Joyce, Clark etc have all gone to Amsterdam, so we go to a new nation and that was good but the Swedish girl I was working on got swooped from me by some Swedish guy. Anyway came home fell asleep and ended up sleeping through my lecture on Friday, but went to lab and set up my cultures that will hopefully grow bioluminescent colonies. Anyway Friday night I end up smoking Hash and Weed spliffs getting high off my ass and then we go out but nothing is happening but we run into Kathy and Dutchie watches our interaction and afterward tells me she feels sorry for me. Dutchie also talked to Inna a friend of Kathys and apparently Kathy really really likes me which is apparent by the fact that shes angry at me right now because I dont want to go for a walk with her in this good weather. Anyway Bryanna comes back tomorrow and I'm back to that and I will have to talk to Kathy at some point. Btw I am in a OneRepublic mood. Im out.....

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