Monday, September 28, 2009

So its been a while

So here we are what has happened in the last two weeks, Well, Copenhagen, and then this past week and weekend including some fun times some lame times and me still not getting with Bryanna so all around normal i guess?
Copenhagen: One of the coolest cities ever, also one of the most expensive a KFC meal cost me 13 bucks and a 7/11 meal cost me fucking 8 bucks ridiculous. Anyway I felt really shitty friday and didnt want to go but we couldnt cancel the reservation so I decided to go anyway, on the way there Darren and me just talked about Christiania. When we got there we checked into our hostel and then walked to Christiania and then both of us preceded to smoke and get high which ended up with us just sitting around in Christiania for many hours just doing nothing, finally we went back to the hostel and then decided to go out. So we get to the city square and walk around and find a few clubs but the best one looks like one thats gonna end up costing us 30 bucks but it has an open bar and it takes me an hour to convince Darren to pay the 30 bucks and go club, it ended up being a great night. For me I only met two girls kinda danced with them but didnt get anywhere and I met some crazy Danish guy who was just like your and American you can fuck anyone you want, but Darren met alot of people made out with a Danish girl and had a great night, both of us were plastered and ended up wandering around Copenhagen for an hour before we found our hostel, it was crazy shit and we left the club at 8am. Next day we wake up surprisingly not hung over and we go walk around Copenhagen looking for the royal theater because the people Darren met were supposed to meet us there at 3, well sadly they never came so we ended up just walking around. The whole time after we didnt see those people Darren wanted to smoke so he kept wanting to go to Christiania, finally we decided to head there but ended up taking a couple mile detour, when we got there he got a rolling paper and rolled his joint but some random smokers did not approve of his roll so he left his weed with them and they rolled him a really nice blunt while he went to find me. Anyway he came back smoked with them we chilled with them for a while learned a little about Christiania and then they left. We ended up sitting on a couch in a random cafe for about an hour, mind you I am not high, finally we decided to just go back and ended up watching Serenity. Finally after the movie and after dinner we decided to go to another club, this time we went to Rosie McGees or some thing like that apparently the best club in Copenhagen, yea right if your a pedophile. So we get in there it costs 12 bucks to get in, meh not to bad but then drinks are another 10 bucks or so each which sucks so we dont really get drunk, plus Darrens tired so I have no wingman. The club is filled with hot bitches who are hanging with ugly bitches, then theres a bunch of old bitches and the whole club is filled with really old creepers and young creepers alike, I feel completely out of place and since Darrens not wingmanning me, I just look like Im one of the creepers, so I gave up on getting anything in Copenhagen that night. Anyway the next day we took a really nice canal tour and then I walked Darren to the bus stop and I headed home.

Home: That night I invited Bryanna over for a movie, she came over really late and we watched a movie alone in my room and I know I probably could have made a move, but I just couldnt do it, I dont know why but she ended up leaving after the movie with this little akward pause at the door that suggested maybe a kiss or something. Anyway later that week on Tuesday me and John went over to Vildanden to visit Bryanna and Joyce and we only stayed for an hour but I ended up stealing Bryannas corridors Flag which ended up really ticking her off but w/e and then she left for Munich so I havent seen her but Friday we had a corridor party and we had a tour de sham you take a shot in every room, ridiculous, over the span of half an hour I had 1 and a half apple pie drinks (probably around 1.5 shots) then had Jim Bean and coke another (1.5 shots about) followed by two shots of Mintu, followed by two shots of SoCo followed by a mojito (probably around 1 or 2 shots couldnt tell) followed by a shot of vodka and topped off by shotgunning 4 beers. I was fucked. The theme of my room was wtf and everything in my room was just random a rock upside down chairs a bed on the desk and my rug on my bed etc...anyway after we were all properly fucked my flatmates switched me and Yanas door and then locked my door and hid yanas keys so I couldnt get int. Well I kept drinking and apparently at some point Cathi tried to corner me and kiss me but couldnt and that ticked her off and she left, so much for hating me. Anyway apparently I finally got my keys from Mike at around 3ish and then I went to sleep, or I assume I did because I dont remember. I woke up to Yana Mike Martin Thomas and Yanas friend walking into the room at 1pm and all I said was WTF? and they got a few nice pictures of my room and me. Well the first question everyone asked was why my room was more fucked up then for my theme, and the second question that is still inexplicable was why is there a piece of toast in the middle of your table. It was a perfect piece of toast perfectly centered on my table across the room from my bed, no one knows what happened. Anyway Saturday was my hangover day, I was completely hungover and I just watched the terminal and snatch with my flatmates. Finally Saturday night rolls around and this promised to be one of the best nights I have had in Lund. So Saturday we go to a small chill party by Yana's friend and it ends up becoming a crazy party. I promised myself not to drink to much that night and I didnt I only had about 6 or 7 shots lol thats not much now that I've been in Sweden a while, well over a 3 or so hour period. Anyway we start the night with kings cup and then after that someone sugests I have never ever. So we start I have never ever and we get around the circle a few times and then someone says I have never given a lapdance and I drink and all the girls want me to prove that I actually have so I starts stripping and then after wards we go into a game of truth or dare that begins focusing on me and two other girls and we keep getting dared to do lapdances or making out with ppl. The only dare I opted out of was kissing and licking Johns lips, sorry no gay shit. Anyway then the hottest girl at the party decides that its time to start daring me to kiss ppl so she dares me to kiss anyone and of course I kiss her then she dares me to make out with someone and again of course I make out with her, my excuse was she called me gay. Anyway then they have me strip for the hot girl and shes literally pulling my pants off because she wants me to strip down to my boxers it was insane. And then her older sister got involved and everytime me and her would start making out she started telling us to break it up then we started a dance floor with me her john and her hot but not as hot friend and then she left because her sister wanted to have a talk with her. So me and the second hottest chick started dancing salsa and random shit and then I got her number and now if you look at my facebook wall she has basically taken over it. So yea amazing weekend, but cock blocking sister took them away at 1 am so then I ended up leaving shortly after that and going to bed. And sunday and monday just class and gym and random internet videos....its been a while

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