Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I fail at life, seriously

So lets update everyone on the Bryanna situation, its gotten kinda ridiculous and I basically have to do something tonight or else I just need to curl up into a ball and cut my nuts off. Anyway sunday we played volleyball and then I went to Sarahs and hung out with her friends and we watched American Dreamz weird movie, you would expect a chick flick with Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant but nope. Anyway Monday me and John are bored out of our minds and I said I wouldnt drink because I had class the next day. So John calls Joyce up to see what shes doing and her and Bryanna come over, just those two and we play beer pong for the first time in Sweden. I lose two games I just couldnt hit anything the cups were tiny and the table was shorter height and length wise than at home so i just failed at it. Anyway after that we palyed Kings Cup and Yana joined us and then we decided to play never have I ever, so I am a bad person but we all knew that haha but I learned new things about Bryanna but thats not important. Then Mike and Tomas come in and start smoking hookah and then Yana dares Bryanna to shotgun me and thats when the ridiculous shotgun night begun with all of us shotgunning each other for 3 hours. So Joyce passes out on the bed and then Bryanna asks if she wants to go and she says its up to you and Im like just stay for 30 more minutes and she agrees but ends up staying for 2 more hours. Anyway I lost my balls and didnt make a move. Then yesterday that would be Tuesday night I was hanging out with the german girl who likes me and somehow we ended up in Sarahs apartment and then we went back to mine and I taught the german girl to shotgun and then Joyce and Bryanna randomly show up at 12 30 with Justin and we end up smoking and I finally got a good shotgun (as in smoke wise not actually making a move) with Bryanna in and then we went to my room and were just chilling and listening to random music and me and Bryanna were just flirting hardcore but still I didnt pull anything and then she fell asleep on my bed and joyce was like maybe Ill just take your couch and she can just sleep in here but then she woke up and they ended up going. Basically everyone is telling me that Bryanna wants me, she keeps sending me signals that she wants me, but I cant do it, I dont know why

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