Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God its been almost a months HOT DAMN

What has happened in the last month, hmm lets see I gave up on Bryanna because well why not really haha I have way better options anyway, I saw David Guetta, I saw Muse, Mission Accomplished.

So Bryanna gets back from all her trips to random places and then me and her start hanging out alot at one point I even give her a lapdance but then the one night I deffinatley had my chance I showed up late because I was having a facebook converstaion with Turkan about the state of my affairs because a friend of Vanessas was harrassing me about how I'm a grade a Douche, which is quite comforting to hear actually since after all I have been trying to lose my nice guy image here in Sweden which has been somewhat succesful and somewhat unsuccesful. Anywhoo at first I was kinda annoyed by this person but then when they started writing me paragraphs explaining themselves I realized they were just bitter and needed someone to bitch at. Anyway because of this I showed up to a party 2 hours after I was supposed to be there and Bryanna was not to thrilled and then I ended up only staying for all of 30 min and then goin home. Anyway that day we decided we would bake a cheesecake at some point and we have yet to bake this cheesecake we were gonna do it this past weekend but things came up and yea maybe next next weekends since this coming weekend is Sensation White and Ryan and his brother are flying in.

This Past Weekend

Friday Night-We go to see David Guetta I drink a bottle of Sambuca in 45 minutes and stop remembering much after the train ride to Malmo, at the concert first thing that happens I get pulled out of line and told Im to shammered and to go home but I told him I was Jennys boyfriend and he let me in, no one understands why but they let me in, I dont remember this at all. Then we fast forward about 2 hours since I have no recollection of what happened, I walk up to the bar and ask for a soda, just plain old soda water and this guy behind me starts talking to me in Swedish so I turn to him and ask him to speak english please and I turn to get my soda when I get hit and fall under the bar, anyway 4 guys start kicking my ass for no reason anyway Paige came to the rescue and pulled me away, this is the point where I apparently run into Turkan and apparently I was really excited to see her hugged her and asked her to dance but Paige gave Turkan a back off look and dragged me away. Then we fast forward some more, an image of David Guetta with both hands raised as he DJs, lastly we fast forward to the end where Im in a taxi with John Vishnu and Jenny. At this point Ive blown through 500 crowns on god knows what Ive used all the minutes in my phone that I had just refilled on god knows what, my head is splitting from getting my ass kicked and yea thats about it. We get back and then we go to Vishnus and just sit there until finally me and Jenny leave and we are walking back to my place and im trying to convince her to come over but shes being a tease or w.e you want to call it, BTW Im done with teases.

Saturday- Wake up at noon with a huge headache which at first I attribute to being hungover but then I begin to remember getting my ass kicked, check my phone and my facebook have messages from many people who I dont remember seeing telling me I was shammered as fuck the night before, ok well at this point Im just like I need more sleep so I go back to bed until 4pm. Fast forward to 9pm I dress as a PIMP and then go out to Vildanden to a ceos and corporate hos party, there I meet a really nice Swedish girl who is all over my nuts, but Im kinda trying to flirt with Bryanna and stuff but its not working very well so I just start focusing on Swedish girl, oh and I ran into Sarah at the party and she just completely ignored me haha fun times. Anyway so I go to take a piss and when I get back the Swedish girl is on some other guys nuts so I decide fuck it I dont feel like competing itll give the girl to much confidence and then right at this moment John shows up and tells me that the party in Urikedal is good so we walk back to Urikedal and go to the party. When we get there I go scope out the scene, its alright good number of girls and guys only problem is everyones already in couples and I also see Jenny all over Vishnu so Im like whatever this is done. But when she sees me she jumps on me and then the rest of the night she kept being very sexual with me finally me her Mike and Thomas go upstairs where she goes to Yanas room and then shes sitting in the hallway and when I walk by shes like FUCK ME and then shes like yea right. Anyway she decides to go home and I walk her out being the gentleman that I am but once outside me and her just start making out up against the door and then my fingers slip in and shes just enjoying herself and she decides "Lets have sex" now what guy turns that down so I immediatley go to open my door and her exact quote was "I dont want to lie down in a bed, thats to cliche" Fine here I ask to which she replies no there are to many people around so she suggests we find a park but she doesnt want to walk far so we walk into this parky are about 100m maybe less from my front door and proceed to fuck like rabbits. We are lying down on the ground, there are leaves EVERYWHERE, its raining. Afterward we finish and we decide we are both hungry so we go back to my place to eat garlic bread and then she goes home.

Sunday-Wake up still not believing what happened tell Mike and Yana. Later on Jenny comes to talk to Yana and she finds her shoe in the bushes where we fucked, later that night she comes over for a movie and we dont fuck but just make out hang out chill. According to Yana I got good reviews and I must have since Jenny wants to see me all the time