Friday, September 18, 2009

Girls are crazy and ridiculous

So, I haven't updated this in a long time. Last weekend on the 12th Darren came to Lund to visit me and he has been here all week and leaves on Sunday. Later today we are leaving for Copenhagen and staying there until Sunday. Well Saturday we slept early, watched I am legend its a ridiculous movie, Sunday we slept early as well haha and on Monday same story, but on Monday out of nowhere Bryanna came back and we started talking again and things seemed good. Tuesday rolls around and Bryanna and the Vildanden crew flaked on coming to a birthday party for one of Mike's friends, well anyway I took this oppurtunity to talk to Kathi about how I wasnt interested. The exact conversation went something like this We need to talk-K Yes we do, do you want to do it now or later-me Now, why have you been avoiding my kisses and stuff-K Well..-me (interupts) Its Bryanna isnt it-K Yes, I-me (interupted again) Fuck you, why did you lead me on, you could have just said that at the begining but you kissed me. Anyway there were alot of things I wanted to say about how the first kiss was forced by her, how I had invited her to watch a movie in a group not alone etc...but I just left it because I kind of deserved that rant. Anyway the party went on I stripped of Buttons, which was entertaining. Anyway later that night I ran into Kathi in the hallway and we had another long talk about how she understands how I made Emily cry etc...After that she talked to Yana and Mike and aparently she was playing me as well because she told both of them, I had two guys now I have none and everyone was like well you kinda deserved that one. Anyway got rid of that problem so the next day Wensday I went to class came home and then I invited Bryanna over for dinner and she actually came, late but w/e we had fun with john her and darren just drinking then we headed to a nation and we went to kristianstad first for pub and then after went to VG's for a club. This is where she started playing games, we were dancing together for a good hour or so when all of a sudden she started stealing things from people with Dan and dancing with him which I didnt really care about but then she came back and danced with me for 2 songs and then she went to Joyce and they were talking and I couldnt hear what was said but I could see the eye movements and the nods and the nos and I was like well I messed up and so they dissapeared, while they were gone i started dancing with some Swedish girls because one of them kept looking at me so why not dance with them instead of the American guys. Anyway at some point me and Bryanna are dancing together again and then I pulled the other girls in (the swedes) for John and Dan and about 5 minutes later Bryanna and Joyce just leave. Well about 10 minutes later I get a text from Bryanna I'm leaving I text her why and she says shes over it and tired so I called her and told her to come back and she was being stuborn and saying no so I let it go. Then John me and Darren end up leaving the club about 10 minutes later, oh Darren was dancing with some girl for most of the night haha but then he left to go to the bathroom and ran into someone hed met the night before and by the time he came abck the girl was gone. Well after we left I texted Bryanna and I was like oh we just left and she texted back saying I should have left earlier so I could walk with her. Anyway I didnt reply and then Im sitting at home eating with Darren when I get a text message and its like I'm home now so I text her and tell her Well I'm home to. Well about 15 minutes later I get a text night:) and I reply with night bland one(the bland thing is an inside joke) anyway she tells me shes not bland and I ask her why she left and she just left it at I had a great reason to leave, but never elaborated anyway last night same story we were texting but she decided to stay in. I dont know some of the things she says are deffinately good signs, like when she knew I was gonna strip at the bday party she told me I should have told her earlier because it would give her more reason to come. But then sometimes I feel like shes not interested. I guess I'll find out soon enough right?

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