Sunday, August 30, 2009


So lets start with this statement, European airlines fly so much differently they just go STRAIGHT up and then STRAIGHT down, all rapid accent and decent kinda like this /\. Anyway so that was the first experience and the planes dont fly to smoothly and our first landing in Poland I knew the pilot took the landing to fast but I'm here writing this so we lived. Anyway I finally understand why people hate americans everywhere, this guy gets on the bus to Krakow (oh yea we flew into an airport two hours away from Krakow) and this guy starts arguing with the guy about how he paid for the bus and the guys like yes you did but to Krakovic not Krakow because they are two different cities but of course the American thought that hes the shit and Poland is a shit country so he told the guy off and got on the bus anyway, then he sits behind me and John and calls his friend and talks about his Europe expiriences, apparently in France he got overcharged by 3 Euros for internet and he just left and told them they could call the cops if they wanted and then he was just talking shit about Europe and Poland but good news he still had to pay for the bus. Anyway we arrive in Krakow and Matts mom and Matt pick us up we get back eat some Pirogi have a beer and go to sleep. We wake up and we have breakfast and leave to Krakow. We arrive in Kracow and we walk around go to a few churches then go to the castle, which was sick by the way. After the castle we go go karting which was amazing it was the same go karts I went on for my birthday gift from Sebastian but in poland, the track is made of old tires and behind the tires there are solid cement flower pots and it cots like 7 bucks to race for 9 minutes and these are good go karts not Boomers status. That was really fun I got third Matt second and John fourth, but I think me and Matt were close to each other because our fastest laps were very close and our last lap was close as well. So after go karts we decide its time to drink a beer so we go to a beer garden. Then we decide its time to eat so we go to a traditional Polish place, it was amazing I had fried meat and garlic as well as some sweet pirogi type things, and my drink with dinner was Piwo z bomba, which is beer with a shot of vodka dropped in, now I was drinking it it tasted like beer then haldway through it started tasting like straight vodka but then I grabbed a fork and I mixed it up and it was not a bad mixed drink at all. After the food we decide to go clubbing so we first go to a place Matt knows and I get a kamikaze and a mojito but its not popping so we move on to the next palce. Here we meet some nice polish girl (who end up randomly just ditching us) who are from Warsaw and we are talking to them and we each have 3 or 4 beers and then I dance with one of them and then the other one decides she wants to leave so they head out and never come back, oh well. We end up ditching that club and going to another place where they have Coke with Wiznowza some of the best shit I have ever had, it makes the coke taste like cherry coke. Anyway after that we start bouncing in between these clubs and I lose track of how many drinks we have had at this point. But we were in the club that had the Coke drink when some guy just walks up to me and pushes me in the back and when I turn around hes like FUCK YOU and of course I just stand my ground and he starts pushing me in my chest and I ask him what he wants and he just flips me off and threatens me in Polish, at this point his friends show up and the other one joins in threatening and then John backs me up and then a third guy shows up and takes the two guys away and tells us not to worry. Then I'm dancing and John comes up to me and he goes we need to leave this club apparently while I was dancing he was threatened twice by the same guy for dancing with the guys wife which John was not doing and then Matt comes in and goes we need to leave I just made out with some girl and she told me that its lucky her b/f didnt see because hed fuck Matt up (he was a Polish mafioso I think). We head back to the place we were both at and then John gets shook down for 8 PLN which is like 3 bucks anyway it was odd but we all have a few more drinks but the club does not have that many girls and the only attractive girl there didnt speak english and when she did get on the dance floor Matt and John wanted to leave. This is where the night got weird Matt wanted to go to a strip club he was dead set on going there so we were like w/e lets go, we get there and I'm drunk and so is everyone else and we walk in and there are two poles but no ones really stripping and I buy John and Matt drinks as well as buying a hooker a drink accidentally. Then after that the hooker came up and started asking me if I wanted to go upstairs for 250PLN which is under a 100 bucks and that Id have the room for an hour and her for an hour and I told her I wasnt interested and Matt was trying to convince me to do it because it would be "the fuck of my life" and I told him I would never pay for sex, ever, its something thats not that hard to come by. I may have not kept most of my promises to myself that I have made in my life but that is one I will never break, I will never pay for sex. Anyway after this we head back to Matts and eat pirogi and some other stuff and we talk and Matt is convinced of two things 1) Lani and Dana will get married at some point and 2) I will get back with Vanessa when we get back from Europe. He said he puts money on it. Anyway we finally get into bed at around 5amish and aparently Matt walked in and his sister asked how the night was and he just grunted used the restroom came out she asked again he grunted again and then just passed out. The next morning we all wake up and Matt is just hungover as FUCK and aparently we all smell of alcohol according to his mom but they didnt mind at all and then we went to the mall had some KFC, that was the best KFC of my life then we just stocked up on booze I bought 3 bottles of bison grass vodka a nice bottle of normal vodka 2 bottles if wiznovka and 1 bottle of jager. Finally we got on the bus then the plane and we left Poland with memories and stories and we came home. Then I came home took a shower and went out to a nation. Now I dont know how but I feel like I still have a chance with Bryanna, now that I dont care about getting with her. I feel like girls respond well to being ignored and stuff haha anyway we had an afterparty at my place or the floor above me and I am convinced that I must have gained game in Poland I dont know why but this chick with a b/f was trying to hook up with me, Bryanna was dancing and putting her face into mine as if waiting for a kiss and I was just playing hard to get because I just wanted to have fun an then sleep.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SB fun times

First off I am pretty sure that Tuesday night spelled my failure with Bryanna and if not I deffinately sealed the deal this Wensday night. On Tuesday I just got drunk as hell we went to the nation that had a pub and I was just being a complete asshole to Bryanna and everybody. I kept putting the candle out and doing stupid shit and then after that when we went back to Parentesan I just was to drunk to make any sense. Anyway wake up on Wensday and buy tickets to go to Poland to see Matt, make lots of horrid Jew jokes in the process (I dare not write them here but if you want to hear them feel free to ask). After this I helped Yanas friends move a bed from one end of lund to the other on this weird rolly thing that I ended up riding sober and singing A Brand New World, yea dont ask and doing the Leonardo Dicaprio thing from the titanic.
Anyway after that Yana (my flatmate) asks me if me and John are interested in going out to a pre party with her girlfriends and then to the VG nation. Of course me and John never turn down a party with girls so we get to the party and out of 8 targets Id say there were about 3 potentials that I would actually hook up with. Anyway we get to the party and I tell John, "Tonight I will not get drunk, and I garuntee Ill get something" and Johns just like w/e. Well we get to the club and we cut in line with Astrid, Clark and Bryanna and I tell them I'm staying sober and they all laugh because I'm already known as the guy who just drinks a shitton of alcohol, not a good thing but w/e. Anyway it takes forever to get into the club at this point I've had the equivalent of 1 drink, in the club I have 3 drinks and thats it (this is of course over the course of 3 hours). In the begining I'm trying to focus on Jenny, Yanas friend and I found out later that Jenny actually does like me and thinks I'm really cute (I never understood how girls found me cute but Im not gonna start complaining). Oh btw I met a Swedish slut outside who was all over every american because of the accent (names Charlotte haha). Anyway so I'm focusing on Jenny and Bryanna walks by and she sees me with another girl and shes like Ill be right back becasue she went to find Clark or something anyway w/e. During this whole time shes dancing with some creepy guy who keeps attempting to kiss her, which eventually when shes completely wasted he succeeds in doing. Anyway Bryanna never came back but it didnt matter. I was dancing with Dan, John some of Yanas friends and this blond girl who I didnt know. So I reach across the dance circle and ask her who she is, she tells me she is Sarah from UCSB and she did the summer program and now doing the fall this is why I havent seen her. Anyway after that not many words were exchanged and before long we were freaking on the dance floor. Now ok freaking on the dance floor is nothing new its the way to dance in the US, but you need to understand sweden, in sweden you do not freak girls you dance in big groups maybe 1 on 1 but never super close no gridning or freaking involved, I mean they make out and stuff but they dont freak. So Im grinding with Sarah and I look around and all the Swedish guys are just staring at us and everyones just dancing normally so I get uncomftorable but whatever life is short. But anywho I kept dancing and before long we were making out, we were just all over the place, dance floor, outside smoking, inside on the lounge chairs. At some point we were gridning and she just puts my hand between her legs and Im just fingering her through clothes on the dance floor. After VGs closes we go outside and I run into Bryanna, who I find out is good friends with Sarah, and also does not look the happiest about her night, and is drunk out of her mind. This is where I realized that Bryanna is no longer a possibility, you can't hook up with a girls friend haha it just doesnt work, but it was well worth it. Anyway we head to an afterparty and me and Sarah decide that its not popping so we head back home, lucky for me she lives in Urikidal to so we go back and go to her room. We start watching Wall E and making out and then she gets a video call from her friends, which she picks up. Kinda akward, her friends were just like oh are we interupting some business and then they told us a crazy story about a friend in New York who was watching someones dog and the dog died so they called the owner and asked what to do the owner told them that they should put the dog in a suitcase and take it to the vet, well in the elevator a guy spots the girl and asks if she needs help with the suitcase and she says yes please when he asks her whats in the abg she lies and says electronics and he punches her and makes off with the bag. (haha) Anyway Sarah's friends were cool but just your average (dumb) college girl. One aparently is super rich, easy and has huge boobs. Anyway the phone clicks and we start fooling around and then guess what shes on her period and I am not down for fucking a girl on the rag unless shes my g/f and I know her well, oh well, she seemed more disapointed about that then me (haha). Anyway lets just say tongue rings are sick. But then we finish and are lying in bed and this is where I do something stupid, for some reason cows were brought up and then horses and for some reason we started talking about the video about people fucking horses, it was a bad choice, so then we talked about crazy stories in my life and how she had none until now because she can be like I hooked up with this cute guy but he said the weirdest shit after. Anyway w/e I will live. Then I also got shit for imitating Wall E as well as the fact that I dressed as a stripper for SB and had a stripping phase but w/e. We end up falling asleep and then we wake up and talk about random things and she made me breakfast and then I excused myself to go pack for Poland and now I sit here writing this blog. I am very happy with the night because I didnt need to try at all and I am going to Poland TODAY to see MATT. Anyway I dont know what will happen with Sarah but if I'm lucky I might have a fuck buddy. I hope I come back from Poland with some ridiculous story.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

International Dinner

So yesterday August 22nd we had an international dinner, that turned into an international shitshow fiasco. So as we all know I had my little clingon Emily who was convinced that we were gonna be a couple but then she talked to my neighbor (her friend) two days ago and my friend told her I was a man whore, I was only here for 6 months, what did she expect. But Mike invited Emily to our international dinner partly to watch me squirm and partly because shes his friend, anyway thats not important. So Emily shows up dressed in her best (i guess to impress) and she walks in and I say hi give her a friendly hug and then me and John left to go change into our pimp outfits (pants and blazers) just for the fuck of it. Anyway the rest of the people start to trickle in and soon we have 25 people all being happy and merry. Now one of them is a very attractive girl called Danny who went to my room to put stuff away and I ran into her and we were flirting and she seemed to be digging my Americaness, but soon Emily snaggs her and starts talking to her in Swedish and blah blah well anyway I had my sights set on a girl from the UC program anyway but soon Emily, Danny and another girl whos name I do not understand how to spell disappear, anyway they are gone for a while and then I go to my room to use the restroom and I walk in and a deathly silence falls on the room and all 3 girls just look at me and then ones like "Sooooo lets find out the plan for tonight" and they all leave each one giving me the death stare. Anyway I'm just like w/e that chance is shot (Danny) so I just went back and focused on Bryanna. Soon we all decided to go to Lunds so we leave and Emily confronts me in the hall as we leave and she gets her and her friends stuff and then sarcastically says enjoy your time at the nation. Me being the curious person I was I asked her well arent you coming with us, and she kinda flipped out went into a long winded talk about how because I didnt tell her about the dinner earlier she couldnt get a student pass and therefore couldnt come to a nation, anyway I just walked out with Bryanna, Clark and Astrid. Anyway we go to Lunds and its closed so we walk to Hercules which is super expensive so we decide to go to Vindandel which is the farthest walk ever in nice uncomfy shoes, anyway we get to Vindandel and we start drinking more beers then halfway through my second beer I get this text
"You are the biggest ashole I ever meet. Hang out, you were all sweet and had sex with me for 3 days then dont answer me or call me this week and then tonight talking with everybody except me and flirting and leaving withsome other girls in front of me. What the is that?! you could at least treeth me with some respect I only been moer then nice to you!! I dont wanna have you as a boyfriend and i get you dont wanna have a girlfriend but you can talk to me and explain and give me respect instead of treating me like nothing and really hurt me. I been really nice to you and i dont deserv you treating me this way. You are a big pig and i wish i never met you!"

Well first lets start with this is the first time a girl has ever called me an asshole seriously, so I dont kno if thats something I should be proud of or not. Secondly we never had sex and I dont know what the defenition of sex here is but we deffinatley did not have it. Thirdly I choked on my beer when i got this text and Bryanna stole my phone to see why I had choked and I think that that text message may have killed me chances with her even though I explained the story it still makes me out to be a horrible person. Fourthly I responded per Astrids advice with this.

"I didnt mean to offend you and I was talking to everyone"

Because as you all know at parties I just walk around with my champagne and talk to everyone, soemthing about thats who I am and thats what I do at parties, especially a party at my house. And her reponse was quite cryptic until I talked to my roomates today.

"No and the fact that you dont think you did anything wrong when all your friends get it shows what kind of bad person you are. Dont write to me again"

Well I talked to my roomies and found out that after I left, Emily made a scene and just went on rants to Mike and his g/f about how I'm a horrid person. Well anyway back to Vindandel, we all decide we are tired and Clark tells me that I can sleep on his couch, but Bryanna says no I can stay there and she gets me a comforter and then tucks me in kind of in a weird kinda mixed signal way so I decide not to go for it and then she goes to her room and sends me a text that says "I left my door open if you need to pee or anything" and the anything really threw me off because depending on the girl it could mean something but I dont know her that well so I just assumed it meant nothing. Anyway as I'm about to fall asleep 3 piss drunk people walk into Bryannas and one goes "Who the FUCK are you?" I reply "I am Bryannas friend" and he goes "Well then you are welcome on our couch whenever" and then adds "I'm gay and you can come to my bed if you want" and thats when I laugh and go to sleep. I wake up at 6 and tried to sleep for an hour but it was to bright so I walked home and went to sleep. Woke up and found out about the Emily stuff that happened here after I left and yea that was my night. So I am officially an asshole (douchebag status is bittersweet).

Oh and I am most likely to be giving handjobs for crack in 10 years.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Non Interesting

So this post will be very boring, I really havent done anything this week, watched snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels, smoked a shitload of hookah and started going to the gym, I kno counterintuitive. I've also been in a bad mood for a while because, well, a the weekend happened and b I've been on this oh lets reminice about your ex g/f phase which never ends well, but anyway the only reason I'm writing this is to check in with the people I haven't talked to in a while, how is that side of the pond anyway I want to hear your stories....theres gotta be some

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hard dicks and Jesus don't mix

Now before you start calling me names and telling me I'm going to hell for my title heres the story of my weekend.

Friday August 14th we decide that we are going to Malmo, so me Mike, Tomas, John, Julie, Page, Ricardo and some other people whos names I don't quite remember meet up at Parentesan and pre party, with jager...of course. We take the bus to Malmo and arrive at the festival. This festival is nuts, it takes palce all over Malmo, there are stages in every square and in between the town squares there are hundreds of vendors selling food and random things. You don' have to pay to get in, and the main stage is twice as big as the sungod stage. If your from UCSD imagine a sungod with no secuirty and make it bigger, much bigger, then you have the Malmo festival. Well anyway we get there and meanwhile I'm texting this swedish girl Emily, who I've met once for about 5 minutes at a barbeque, and shes telling me she wants to hang out and that shes gonna try to see if she can get me into this "exclusive" party, at this point I'm interested because hell if a girls interested you might get soemthing out of it right ;-P. Anyway we walk around the festival (the original group) and we end up in Folkspark. Its already getting late and the beer garden we are at closes so John, Mike and I head to the restroom, as I'm walking to the restroom I get a text from Emily "Come to the club" so I ask her if I can bring friends and she replies with "Bring your guy friends". Mike, John and I are sober and bored so we are like lets go and we ditch the group pretending we got lost and head to the club. After walking for what was probably a good half hour or 45 minutes we finally arrive at the club. We enter and are greeted by Emily and two of her girlfriends, we are also met with a 100 SEK club entrance fee (around $14.50 or so depends on the exchange rate you use). We decide well whatever we already walked here might as well pay and go inside. (We still dont get how if you rent out a club you have to pay entrance, but we also think Emily was full of shit). Anyway we go upstairs and we start dancing when all of a sudden Emilys friends just peace out. So its John, Mike, Emily and I, at this point I decide to buy a drink because I'm way to sober. I buy a vodka red bull, with a shit ton of 60 percent (or thats what the bartender told me) vodka, costs me 116 SEK (close to $17). As I buy this drink a "cougar" starts talking to John trying to pick him up. Now imagine this a very tall built woman in her late 40's with glasses and long sleeve shirt with pantyhose. This detail will be important later on. Anyway John gets rid of the cougar and him and Mike decide to bounce because at this point me and Emily are just all over each other on the dance floor and there are no girls for John to hit on and Mikes in a realtionship so he has nothing to do and the drinks are to expensive to get drunk. After they leave me and Emily are just dancing, making out and talking in the club till 4:30 at some point I even got on this stage like thing and started dancing while they filmed me. After we leave the club Emily asks me if I'm going back to Lund and I said I would like to and she tells me theres no buses running (a lie). She tells me I can go sleep at her place so we head there. We get to her palce and then I'm feeling really weird about the whole thing and I'm just sitting on her couch drinking water trying to sober up. Finally she gets into her bed and I join. At this point shes naked and Im somewhat clothed, anyway I won't go into the details but we both end up naked making out and stuff on her bed when out of nowhere she sees I have a cross on. This is where the evening takes its turn for the worst. After noticing my cross she asks me if I am Christian, and seeing that I am one I answer yes. Then the conversation gets really weird and she starts talking about her views on religion as well as sex before marriage etc etc etc...I'm trying to steer her away from this relgious talk and I start feeling her up and trying to make out with her and this right here was a mood kill. With a hard dick in her hands she asks "Do you think Jesus is hot" now have you ever seen a balloon lose air? yea. Anyway at this point I dont want to do anything and just want to go to bed because I'm just creeped out but she keeps talking about the plague and how lady bugs in sweden are like the plague from the old testament but its not God its just lady bugs...something along those lines and I'm trying everything to just shut her up. Then she asks what I'm thinking about and I reply with full honesty that I'm thinking about Lady Bugs and she gets kind put off that I'm not thinking about her because after all "I am naked in bed next to you and your thinking of lady bugs? why?" Well maybe because you killed the sensuality of the moment by asking me if Jesus was hot and then went on rambling about the plague and lady bugs like a mad woman. Anyway soon after that we fall asleep. (How far did we go? Depends on who you ask itd be 2nd or 3rd base depends on what base fingering and handjob go in) Anyway I wake up and my first thought is Why am I naked, my seocnd thought is hey wait this isnt my blue blanket. Next I turn and see Emily and I remember how I got there and the weird conversations from the night before. Soon she wakes up and starts talking about the most random shit ever, Malmo, her apartment, what she had to eat yest, what she drank etc...Now I'm sorry but I listen to girls talk, I consider myself a good listener, but when you are tired and just want to go back to sleep WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ALL THIS RANDOM SHIT?!?!?!, not only that but she kept asking me "Oh you look tired you should sleep" and then shed get quiet and right as I'm about to fall asleep she would turn to me and start asking me stuff, I dont even remember most of it. Anyway at this point its like 2pm and Mike and John have been calling me to find out where I was, they thought I'd been kidnapped in Malmo anyway I shoot them a text because I dont feel like carrying on a phone convo about the night before because I know they are gonna give me shit for it. I end up spending the whole day in Emilys apartment sleeping watching tv and having uncomfortable conversations with her about everything from A-Z. Finally we head to the festival where I meet back up with Mike and John and I manage to communicate aproximately what happened. Anyway at the festival Emily sticks by me almost the whole night, convinces me to go on a ferris wheel with her and kisses me and the whole time I'm trying to keep my distance but at the same time I havent become a complete ass so I cant just ditch her sadly I'm still a nice guy. Finally we watch Timbuktu the Swedish rapper and we decide to head back to Lund and drink. Btw the Timbuktu concert was ridiculous and awesome even though it was in Swedish. (Btw the sounds are palying on thursday). Anywho as we are walking to the train station, Mike tells me to convince Emily to come back and drink with us and I'm really not trying to have her come home but of course Mike convinces her to come back with us. So we start playing never have I ever...haha one of the best games of never have I ever that I have ever palyed (It made me realize that I'm not a very good, wholly person). We played this game for about 2 hours and then we started palying the association game (one person says a word then another person says something related etc) and that was even funnier than never have I ever. Meanwhile the 6 people playing manage to kill 2 1 liter bottles of vodka. Somewhere during the association game Emily was really tired so I told her to just go to sleep so she goes and gets in my bed. I stay out and play the game until I get tired and then I head to bed only to be greeted by Emily and I realize its gonna be an interesting night. We get as far as we got the night before and then we fall asleep. Next morning I wake up to Mike knocking on my door asking me to come to the pub for the Manchester game, but I feel hungover as shit and I dont want to move so I'm like no I'm not gonna go. Emily gets excited because she thinks I stayed for her and at this point I dont care and I tell her I'm staying because I'm hungover as fuck and tired and I just want to sleep. Well guess what she just kept talking the WHOLE FUCKING time while I'm trying to sleep, so I just put my fingers in to shut her up and that made her quiet for a little bit, but finally I realized that I wasnt getting any sleep so I went and took a nice long shower. She told me "To bad you dont have your own shower because we could shower together" and my thought was THANK GOD I DONT HAVE MY OWN SHOWER. (as you can tell I was way over Emily at this point). Then I came out of my shower and then cooked (only reason I cooked for her was because I had promised her and Mike food the day before, but Mike wasnt home). Ironically enough it was stir fry. After I was done we were eating and Mike came back and made us all tea, and even he realized I was not in the greatest mood, I was watching tv and aparently the look on my face was quite serious because Mike asked "Nick, what happened did something die?". Anyway he tries to convince Emily to stay over and I'm trying to signal to him NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! but he didnt see and even if he did its Mike he'd have her stay just to watch me squirm. But then Mike told her that Yana (her friend) was coming back in about 20 minutes and she literally ran out of the flat (THANK GOD). But being the gentleman that I am I walked her to the bus stop and then when I left she was looking for a kiss but I gave her the friends hug, and muttered something about maybe seeing her at some point this week if I go back to Malmo. (which if I go she wont know) Well thats the story of my weekend. And now I have a 25 year old annoying clingy swedish girl who thinks that me and her are dating. At least she had a nice body but thats not much of a saving grace when you are annoying and clingy.

Anyway after she left Mike and I start cleaning the aparetment and Yana comes back and we start telling her about our weekend in Malmo. When we tell her about the club she starts laughing hysterically. Apparently we were at the biggest gay club in Malmo, Wonk (pronounced Wank, or thats what it sounds like, /, not only that the cougar that hit on John was actually a man who dressed as a woman on the weekends and thats why he had long sleeves because he didnt want to shave his arms because hes a construction worker (Yana has met this person before). Not only that I found out that Mike called Yana on saturday and told him I hooked up with Emily and her response was NOOOOOOOOO I FORBID she is annoying, and Mike just "accidentally" forgot to mention this conversation to me until sunday evening.

Anyway what a story getting left in another city and sleeping at a crazy girls house without getting laid and now dealing with a clingy, clingy girl. Welcome to the life of the Princess, as people say "Why the fuck does the weirdest shit always happen to you?" I guess being halfway across the world doesnt my affinity for crazy stories. Mike says hes happy I live in this hall because I've only been here for 2 weeks and he already has so many stories about me imagine how many there will be between now and decemeber and imagine how many if I come here for masters.

Forgotten Bits of Info

I forgot to mention in yesterdays blog that I have managed to purchase a cuban cigar here in Sweden, have not smoked it yet but it was cheaper than a Cohiba (non Cuban) in the US, its a real Romeo and Julieta. I have also tried snuss, its like chewing tobacco but not and stronger, aparently what they sell here is illegal in the states, and man does that fuck you up. Oh and alcohol in Sweden (Sverige) is ridiculously expensive. A bottle of alcohol that cost around 17 USD in the US costs around 30-35 USD here in Sweden. This is why we will be going to Poland or Germany and getting alot of cheap booze.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 4th to 14th

This is just going to be a recap of the first 10 days in sweden and from here on out it shall be updated daily or whenever there is a good story.

First a few things that I don't remember when they happened but are important to understanding my time in Sweden
My nickname is Princess, because when I was drunk I told the story of how I got my IPod from a gay man who was in love with me and second because I spent the first free time I had in Lund making an owl out of paper, picture of this owl is on facebook.
The people I hang out with most are Mike and John, John is from UCLA, Mike is from England and originally from Hong Kong, most of the jokes that will be in later posts come from them.

Arrival in Lund: I flew into Copenhagen on August 4th after a flight that left August second saw a stopover in Newark for 13 hours during which I visited Manhattan got plastered in the morning and stayed drunk all day then flew to Europe. I arrived in lund and had to carry my luggage all over Lund just to find out that the office that gave us our keys was closed until 1pm. I met some UC kids who were also SOL outside. Finally we got our keys, I moved in and passed out.

August 5th
Wake up go to some orientations meet all the UC kids. We all go to Kristianstad Nation that night, and me and my neighbor John preparty each drinking a bottle of wine. We get to the nation and I drink another aprox 2 pitchers of beer and I begin my lovely addiction to drinking jager straight that night downing two shots. Soon I'm plastered and theres no one at Kristianstad expcet for the UC kids so I decide hell why not I'll go for one of the chicks on the program. We end up walking back to Ulrikedal and on the way me and her are making out and all over each other. Then when we get to her place, we part ways I go home pass out, forgetting to drink water.

August 6th
I wake up for my first day of Swedish class, and I'm hungover as fuck but I get through the painful 3 hour class I go to sleep when I get back then I take a shower and this is when I meet two of my flatmates Yana (Boris) and Mike (Ping Pao Mao) with only a towel on, haha. Anyway that night we go out to Lunds Nation where I get completly hammered off jager shots but I drink lots of water so I'm fine.

August 7th
Wake up, class, Hallands Nation in the evening. Here I meet Vanja the bartender who I find attractive and I start talking to her, but as the night wheres on I get more drunk and she starts playing games, aparently I got tired of playing her games, I walked up to the bar asked for a pen and paper, wrote my number on it and said "I'm going to the beach tomorrow, if your interested give me a call". I don't remember this and was not reminded of it again until August 14th.

August 8th
Wake up, no class, go to the beach, amazing day, like being at a SI swimsuit model photoshoot. In the evening we go to Lunds again. This time I'm with my flatmates and Tomas the guy who lives above me. We dance but no real luck with girls, we go home and have a small afterparty where I am introduced to 160 proof stroh. Take two shots of that and I'm gone.

August 9th
Wake up, hungover, liver hurts, go to the beach.

August 10th and 11th
Chill days not to much happens

August 12th
Watched Holland Draw England, John had to take a shot of Stroh, went to Irish pub came home slept

August 13th
Back to Lunds Nation after a good preparty at Parentesen. Lunds Nation, shots of jager again (as you will see this will come up often). I'm walking on the dance floor toward the UC kids with a beer in my hand when a guy hits me and spills a bit of my drink. I look at him and say hey watch out, he turns around, looks at me and says "It's ok, you're hot" leans over and kisses me on the cheek. At this point I walk over to Mike and I'm complaining about the guy kissing me. Mike is laughing and the he introduces me to Mikehla and tells her that she needs to help me get a girl. So she introduces me to some random girls who didnt seem interested in me. So I went back to Mike and Mikehla and they ask why I'm back and I tell them the girls were not into me. Mikehla turns to me and says "Will it make you feel better if a girl kisses you" and I reply "Well yea of course" She leans in and kisses me on the lips. It saves my evening.

August 14th
Go to class, this is when I receive a txt from Miss Vanja, who basically is being super nice to me to try to get me to work at Hallands. I was debating wether to write the txt here but meh w/e. Anyway come home and we decide to go to Malmo