Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 4th to 14th

This is just going to be a recap of the first 10 days in sweden and from here on out it shall be updated daily or whenever there is a good story.

First a few things that I don't remember when they happened but are important to understanding my time in Sweden
My nickname is Princess, because when I was drunk I told the story of how I got my IPod from a gay man who was in love with me and second because I spent the first free time I had in Lund making an owl out of paper, picture of this owl is on facebook.
The people I hang out with most are Mike and John, John is from UCLA, Mike is from England and originally from Hong Kong, most of the jokes that will be in later posts come from them.

Arrival in Lund: I flew into Copenhagen on August 4th after a flight that left August second saw a stopover in Newark for 13 hours during which I visited Manhattan got plastered in the morning and stayed drunk all day then flew to Europe. I arrived in lund and had to carry my luggage all over Lund just to find out that the office that gave us our keys was closed until 1pm. I met some UC kids who were also SOL outside. Finally we got our keys, I moved in and passed out.

August 5th
Wake up go to some orientations meet all the UC kids. We all go to Kristianstad Nation that night, and me and my neighbor John preparty each drinking a bottle of wine. We get to the nation and I drink another aprox 2 pitchers of beer and I begin my lovely addiction to drinking jager straight that night downing two shots. Soon I'm plastered and theres no one at Kristianstad expcet for the UC kids so I decide hell why not I'll go for one of the chicks on the program. We end up walking back to Ulrikedal and on the way me and her are making out and all over each other. Then when we get to her place, we part ways I go home pass out, forgetting to drink water.

August 6th
I wake up for my first day of Swedish class, and I'm hungover as fuck but I get through the painful 3 hour class I go to sleep when I get back then I take a shower and this is when I meet two of my flatmates Yana (Boris) and Mike (Ping Pao Mao) with only a towel on, haha. Anyway that night we go out to Lunds Nation where I get completly hammered off jager shots but I drink lots of water so I'm fine.

August 7th
Wake up, class, Hallands Nation in the evening. Here I meet Vanja the bartender who I find attractive and I start talking to her, but as the night wheres on I get more drunk and she starts playing games, aparently I got tired of playing her games, I walked up to the bar asked for a pen and paper, wrote my number on it and said "I'm going to the beach tomorrow, if your interested give me a call". I don't remember this and was not reminded of it again until August 14th.

August 8th
Wake up, no class, go to the beach, amazing day, like being at a SI swimsuit model photoshoot. In the evening we go to Lunds again. This time I'm with my flatmates and Tomas the guy who lives above me. We dance but no real luck with girls, we go home and have a small afterparty where I am introduced to 160 proof stroh. Take two shots of that and I'm gone.

August 9th
Wake up, hungover, liver hurts, go to the beach.

August 10th and 11th
Chill days not to much happens

August 12th
Watched Holland Draw England, John had to take a shot of Stroh, went to Irish pub came home slept

August 13th
Back to Lunds Nation after a good preparty at Parentesen. Lunds Nation, shots of jager again (as you will see this will come up often). I'm walking on the dance floor toward the UC kids with a beer in my hand when a guy hits me and spills a bit of my drink. I look at him and say hey watch out, he turns around, looks at me and says "It's ok, you're hot" leans over and kisses me on the cheek. At this point I walk over to Mike and I'm complaining about the guy kissing me. Mike is laughing and the he introduces me to Mikehla and tells her that she needs to help me get a girl. So she introduces me to some random girls who didnt seem interested in me. So I went back to Mike and Mikehla and they ask why I'm back and I tell them the girls were not into me. Mikehla turns to me and says "Will it make you feel better if a girl kisses you" and I reply "Well yea of course" She leans in and kisses me on the lips. It saves my evening.

August 14th
Go to class, this is when I receive a txt from Miss Vanja, who basically is being super nice to me to try to get me to work at Hallands. I was debating wether to write the txt here but meh w/e. Anyway come home and we decide to go to Malmo

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