Sunday, August 30, 2009


So lets start with this statement, European airlines fly so much differently they just go STRAIGHT up and then STRAIGHT down, all rapid accent and decent kinda like this /\. Anyway so that was the first experience and the planes dont fly to smoothly and our first landing in Poland I knew the pilot took the landing to fast but I'm here writing this so we lived. Anyway I finally understand why people hate americans everywhere, this guy gets on the bus to Krakow (oh yea we flew into an airport two hours away from Krakow) and this guy starts arguing with the guy about how he paid for the bus and the guys like yes you did but to Krakovic not Krakow because they are two different cities but of course the American thought that hes the shit and Poland is a shit country so he told the guy off and got on the bus anyway, then he sits behind me and John and calls his friend and talks about his Europe expiriences, apparently in France he got overcharged by 3 Euros for internet and he just left and told them they could call the cops if they wanted and then he was just talking shit about Europe and Poland but good news he still had to pay for the bus. Anyway we arrive in Krakow and Matts mom and Matt pick us up we get back eat some Pirogi have a beer and go to sleep. We wake up and we have breakfast and leave to Krakow. We arrive in Kracow and we walk around go to a few churches then go to the castle, which was sick by the way. After the castle we go go karting which was amazing it was the same go karts I went on for my birthday gift from Sebastian but in poland, the track is made of old tires and behind the tires there are solid cement flower pots and it cots like 7 bucks to race for 9 minutes and these are good go karts not Boomers status. That was really fun I got third Matt second and John fourth, but I think me and Matt were close to each other because our fastest laps were very close and our last lap was close as well. So after go karts we decide its time to drink a beer so we go to a beer garden. Then we decide its time to eat so we go to a traditional Polish place, it was amazing I had fried meat and garlic as well as some sweet pirogi type things, and my drink with dinner was Piwo z bomba, which is beer with a shot of vodka dropped in, now I was drinking it it tasted like beer then haldway through it started tasting like straight vodka but then I grabbed a fork and I mixed it up and it was not a bad mixed drink at all. After the food we decide to go clubbing so we first go to a place Matt knows and I get a kamikaze and a mojito but its not popping so we move on to the next palce. Here we meet some nice polish girl (who end up randomly just ditching us) who are from Warsaw and we are talking to them and we each have 3 or 4 beers and then I dance with one of them and then the other one decides she wants to leave so they head out and never come back, oh well. We end up ditching that club and going to another place where they have Coke with Wiznowza some of the best shit I have ever had, it makes the coke taste like cherry coke. Anyway after that we start bouncing in between these clubs and I lose track of how many drinks we have had at this point. But we were in the club that had the Coke drink when some guy just walks up to me and pushes me in the back and when I turn around hes like FUCK YOU and of course I just stand my ground and he starts pushing me in my chest and I ask him what he wants and he just flips me off and threatens me in Polish, at this point his friends show up and the other one joins in threatening and then John backs me up and then a third guy shows up and takes the two guys away and tells us not to worry. Then I'm dancing and John comes up to me and he goes we need to leave this club apparently while I was dancing he was threatened twice by the same guy for dancing with the guys wife which John was not doing and then Matt comes in and goes we need to leave I just made out with some girl and she told me that its lucky her b/f didnt see because hed fuck Matt up (he was a Polish mafioso I think). We head back to the place we were both at and then John gets shook down for 8 PLN which is like 3 bucks anyway it was odd but we all have a few more drinks but the club does not have that many girls and the only attractive girl there didnt speak english and when she did get on the dance floor Matt and John wanted to leave. This is where the night got weird Matt wanted to go to a strip club he was dead set on going there so we were like w/e lets go, we get there and I'm drunk and so is everyone else and we walk in and there are two poles but no ones really stripping and I buy John and Matt drinks as well as buying a hooker a drink accidentally. Then after that the hooker came up and started asking me if I wanted to go upstairs for 250PLN which is under a 100 bucks and that Id have the room for an hour and her for an hour and I told her I wasnt interested and Matt was trying to convince me to do it because it would be "the fuck of my life" and I told him I would never pay for sex, ever, its something thats not that hard to come by. I may have not kept most of my promises to myself that I have made in my life but that is one I will never break, I will never pay for sex. Anyway after this we head back to Matts and eat pirogi and some other stuff and we talk and Matt is convinced of two things 1) Lani and Dana will get married at some point and 2) I will get back with Vanessa when we get back from Europe. He said he puts money on it. Anyway we finally get into bed at around 5amish and aparently Matt walked in and his sister asked how the night was and he just grunted used the restroom came out she asked again he grunted again and then just passed out. The next morning we all wake up and Matt is just hungover as FUCK and aparently we all smell of alcohol according to his mom but they didnt mind at all and then we went to the mall had some KFC, that was the best KFC of my life then we just stocked up on booze I bought 3 bottles of bison grass vodka a nice bottle of normal vodka 2 bottles if wiznovka and 1 bottle of jager. Finally we got on the bus then the plane and we left Poland with memories and stories and we came home. Then I came home took a shower and went out to a nation. Now I dont know how but I feel like I still have a chance with Bryanna, now that I dont care about getting with her. I feel like girls respond well to being ignored and stuff haha anyway we had an afterparty at my place or the floor above me and I am convinced that I must have gained game in Poland I dont know why but this chick with a b/f was trying to hook up with me, Bryanna was dancing and putting her face into mine as if waiting for a kiss and I was just playing hard to get because I just wanted to have fun an then sleep.

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