Thursday, August 27, 2009

SB fun times

First off I am pretty sure that Tuesday night spelled my failure with Bryanna and if not I deffinately sealed the deal this Wensday night. On Tuesday I just got drunk as hell we went to the nation that had a pub and I was just being a complete asshole to Bryanna and everybody. I kept putting the candle out and doing stupid shit and then after that when we went back to Parentesan I just was to drunk to make any sense. Anyway wake up on Wensday and buy tickets to go to Poland to see Matt, make lots of horrid Jew jokes in the process (I dare not write them here but if you want to hear them feel free to ask). After this I helped Yanas friends move a bed from one end of lund to the other on this weird rolly thing that I ended up riding sober and singing A Brand New World, yea dont ask and doing the Leonardo Dicaprio thing from the titanic.
Anyway after that Yana (my flatmate) asks me if me and John are interested in going out to a pre party with her girlfriends and then to the VG nation. Of course me and John never turn down a party with girls so we get to the party and out of 8 targets Id say there were about 3 potentials that I would actually hook up with. Anyway we get to the party and I tell John, "Tonight I will not get drunk, and I garuntee Ill get something" and Johns just like w/e. Well we get to the club and we cut in line with Astrid, Clark and Bryanna and I tell them I'm staying sober and they all laugh because I'm already known as the guy who just drinks a shitton of alcohol, not a good thing but w/e. Anyway it takes forever to get into the club at this point I've had the equivalent of 1 drink, in the club I have 3 drinks and thats it (this is of course over the course of 3 hours). In the begining I'm trying to focus on Jenny, Yanas friend and I found out later that Jenny actually does like me and thinks I'm really cute (I never understood how girls found me cute but Im not gonna start complaining). Oh btw I met a Swedish slut outside who was all over every american because of the accent (names Charlotte haha). Anyway so I'm focusing on Jenny and Bryanna walks by and she sees me with another girl and shes like Ill be right back becasue she went to find Clark or something anyway w/e. During this whole time shes dancing with some creepy guy who keeps attempting to kiss her, which eventually when shes completely wasted he succeeds in doing. Anyway Bryanna never came back but it didnt matter. I was dancing with Dan, John some of Yanas friends and this blond girl who I didnt know. So I reach across the dance circle and ask her who she is, she tells me she is Sarah from UCSB and she did the summer program and now doing the fall this is why I havent seen her. Anyway after that not many words were exchanged and before long we were freaking on the dance floor. Now ok freaking on the dance floor is nothing new its the way to dance in the US, but you need to understand sweden, in sweden you do not freak girls you dance in big groups maybe 1 on 1 but never super close no gridning or freaking involved, I mean they make out and stuff but they dont freak. So Im grinding with Sarah and I look around and all the Swedish guys are just staring at us and everyones just dancing normally so I get uncomftorable but whatever life is short. But anywho I kept dancing and before long we were making out, we were just all over the place, dance floor, outside smoking, inside on the lounge chairs. At some point we were gridning and she just puts my hand between her legs and Im just fingering her through clothes on the dance floor. After VGs closes we go outside and I run into Bryanna, who I find out is good friends with Sarah, and also does not look the happiest about her night, and is drunk out of her mind. This is where I realized that Bryanna is no longer a possibility, you can't hook up with a girls friend haha it just doesnt work, but it was well worth it. Anyway we head to an afterparty and me and Sarah decide that its not popping so we head back home, lucky for me she lives in Urikidal to so we go back and go to her room. We start watching Wall E and making out and then she gets a video call from her friends, which she picks up. Kinda akward, her friends were just like oh are we interupting some business and then they told us a crazy story about a friend in New York who was watching someones dog and the dog died so they called the owner and asked what to do the owner told them that they should put the dog in a suitcase and take it to the vet, well in the elevator a guy spots the girl and asks if she needs help with the suitcase and she says yes please when he asks her whats in the abg she lies and says electronics and he punches her and makes off with the bag. (haha) Anyway Sarah's friends were cool but just your average (dumb) college girl. One aparently is super rich, easy and has huge boobs. Anyway the phone clicks and we start fooling around and then guess what shes on her period and I am not down for fucking a girl on the rag unless shes my g/f and I know her well, oh well, she seemed more disapointed about that then me (haha). Anyway lets just say tongue rings are sick. But then we finish and are lying in bed and this is where I do something stupid, for some reason cows were brought up and then horses and for some reason we started talking about the video about people fucking horses, it was a bad choice, so then we talked about crazy stories in my life and how she had none until now because she can be like I hooked up with this cute guy but he said the weirdest shit after. Anyway w/e I will live. Then I also got shit for imitating Wall E as well as the fact that I dressed as a stripper for SB and had a stripping phase but w/e. We end up falling asleep and then we wake up and talk about random things and she made me breakfast and then I excused myself to go pack for Poland and now I sit here writing this blog. I am very happy with the night because I didnt need to try at all and I am going to Poland TODAY to see MATT. Anyway I dont know what will happen with Sarah but if I'm lucky I might have a fuck buddy. I hope I come back from Poland with some ridiculous story.

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