Sunday, August 23, 2009

International Dinner

So yesterday August 22nd we had an international dinner, that turned into an international shitshow fiasco. So as we all know I had my little clingon Emily who was convinced that we were gonna be a couple but then she talked to my neighbor (her friend) two days ago and my friend told her I was a man whore, I was only here for 6 months, what did she expect. But Mike invited Emily to our international dinner partly to watch me squirm and partly because shes his friend, anyway thats not important. So Emily shows up dressed in her best (i guess to impress) and she walks in and I say hi give her a friendly hug and then me and John left to go change into our pimp outfits (pants and blazers) just for the fuck of it. Anyway the rest of the people start to trickle in and soon we have 25 people all being happy and merry. Now one of them is a very attractive girl called Danny who went to my room to put stuff away and I ran into her and we were flirting and she seemed to be digging my Americaness, but soon Emily snaggs her and starts talking to her in Swedish and blah blah well anyway I had my sights set on a girl from the UC program anyway but soon Emily, Danny and another girl whos name I do not understand how to spell disappear, anyway they are gone for a while and then I go to my room to use the restroom and I walk in and a deathly silence falls on the room and all 3 girls just look at me and then ones like "Sooooo lets find out the plan for tonight" and they all leave each one giving me the death stare. Anyway I'm just like w/e that chance is shot (Danny) so I just went back and focused on Bryanna. Soon we all decided to go to Lunds so we leave and Emily confronts me in the hall as we leave and she gets her and her friends stuff and then sarcastically says enjoy your time at the nation. Me being the curious person I was I asked her well arent you coming with us, and she kinda flipped out went into a long winded talk about how because I didnt tell her about the dinner earlier she couldnt get a student pass and therefore couldnt come to a nation, anyway I just walked out with Bryanna, Clark and Astrid. Anyway we go to Lunds and its closed so we walk to Hercules which is super expensive so we decide to go to Vindandel which is the farthest walk ever in nice uncomfy shoes, anyway we get to Vindandel and we start drinking more beers then halfway through my second beer I get this text
"You are the biggest ashole I ever meet. Hang out, you were all sweet and had sex with me for 3 days then dont answer me or call me this week and then tonight talking with everybody except me and flirting and leaving withsome other girls in front of me. What the is that?! you could at least treeth me with some respect I only been moer then nice to you!! I dont wanna have you as a boyfriend and i get you dont wanna have a girlfriend but you can talk to me and explain and give me respect instead of treating me like nothing and really hurt me. I been really nice to you and i dont deserv you treating me this way. You are a big pig and i wish i never met you!"

Well first lets start with this is the first time a girl has ever called me an asshole seriously, so I dont kno if thats something I should be proud of or not. Secondly we never had sex and I dont know what the defenition of sex here is but we deffinatley did not have it. Thirdly I choked on my beer when i got this text and Bryanna stole my phone to see why I had choked and I think that that text message may have killed me chances with her even though I explained the story it still makes me out to be a horrible person. Fourthly I responded per Astrids advice with this.

"I didnt mean to offend you and I was talking to everyone"

Because as you all know at parties I just walk around with my champagne and talk to everyone, soemthing about thats who I am and thats what I do at parties, especially a party at my house. And her reponse was quite cryptic until I talked to my roomates today.

"No and the fact that you dont think you did anything wrong when all your friends get it shows what kind of bad person you are. Dont write to me again"

Well I talked to my roomies and found out that after I left, Emily made a scene and just went on rants to Mike and his g/f about how I'm a horrid person. Well anyway back to Vindandel, we all decide we are tired and Clark tells me that I can sleep on his couch, but Bryanna says no I can stay there and she gets me a comforter and then tucks me in kind of in a weird kinda mixed signal way so I decide not to go for it and then she goes to her room and sends me a text that says "I left my door open if you need to pee or anything" and the anything really threw me off because depending on the girl it could mean something but I dont know her that well so I just assumed it meant nothing. Anyway as I'm about to fall asleep 3 piss drunk people walk into Bryannas and one goes "Who the FUCK are you?" I reply "I am Bryannas friend" and he goes "Well then you are welcome on our couch whenever" and then adds "I'm gay and you can come to my bed if you want" and thats when I laugh and go to sleep. I wake up at 6 and tried to sleep for an hour but it was to bright so I walked home and went to sleep. Woke up and found out about the Emily stuff that happened here after I left and yea that was my night. So I am officially an asshole (douchebag status is bittersweet).

Oh and I am most likely to be giving handjobs for crack in 10 years.

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